Stamping and forming technology

Bright future, fine tradition

Our quality is historic

As early as 1928, founder Julius Haupt focused on details: with the production of precise cutting and embossing tools for the Idar-Oberstein filigree jewellery industry. With the purchase of the first punching press in 1953, the company started its own series production of punched and formed parts.
When his son Herbert Haupt took over the management in 1964, supra-regional markets had been developed and supplied in series − e.g. the automotive industry with decorative parts such as trademarks, type plates and speedometer needles.

Since the mid-1980s, the focus of production has increasingly shifted to technical stamped and bent parts. 

Today, in the third generation, Achim Haupt and his 70 employees develop and produce high-quality precision components with the corresponding stamping and forming tools. The target markets are an array of industries where perfection is key. 

This manufacturing quality, together with flexibility and delivery reliability, is what we live for. This is being confirmed by our long-term and consistent international customer relationships from a wide range of industries, primarily the automotive and electronics industry.

1928 Company founded by tool maker Julius Haupt
1953 Purchase of first stamping press
1959 Company relocation to Vollmersbach Street

Herbert Haupt takes over the company

1980 and 1987
Expansion of the toolshop area (Vollmersbach Street)

1990 Achim Haupt appointed as new Managing
1999 First construction
stage of new production site
(Albert-Einstein Street)
2001 Relocation of the
company's headquater
(Albert-Einstein Street)

2011 Expansion of the production area
2017 Francesco Bruno joins as second Managing Director
2018 Expansion of the administration area