Stamping and forming technology

We know a lot about small parts

About big challenges, too

We produce stamped and formed parts for all applications with the highest demands:

All metals with material thicknesses from 0.05 mm to 5.0 mm; even surface-finished or selectively refined.

With a punching force of up to 1600kN, small and medium-sized precision punched parts are produced.


  • sealing washers
  • retaining rings
  • caps
  • sliding plates
  • wear indicators
  • supporting rings
  • washers, spring washers
  • logo sheets
  • cable holders
  • electronic components


  • tabs
  • contacts
  • lead frames
  • crimp contacts
  • shielding plates
  • solder lugs

Machinery and plant engineering

  • sliding plates
  • clutch plates
  • earth terminals
  • cable clamps
  • mounting plates