Stamping and forming technology


Exactly made to measure

Anywhere you want, any way you want: Your wish - delivered!

Frequency, lot size, type of packaging or shipping. Direct connection to your production system is also possible. In addition to bulk packaging, we also offer special packaging such as thermoformed film, tapes/reels or blister tapes. Our continuous marking system enables traceability from the delivery lot to the respective raw material batch.

We enable fully integrated logistics communication:

  • Your delivery call-off in EDI format is automatically transferred to our in-house ERP system – the direct basis for our demand and production planning.
  • Each delivery is marked with a barcode – according to your wishes according to the VDA standard or individually agreed with you.
  • When the goods are shipped, an EDI-supported shipping notification in accordance with the VDA standard can be transmitted – so you are informed at an early stage about incoming deliveries and your own production processes can run without interruption.
  • The electronically sent order confirmation and invoice rounds off the paperless order processing.