Stamping and forming technology


The whole in mind, accurate in the detail

Precision stamped parts for the highest demands

High quality & economical punching of all metals – even surface-finished or selectively finished tapes.We process material thicknesses from 0.05 mm to 5.0 mm and strip widths up to 400 mm. With a punching force of up to 1600 kN, we produce precision punched parts for the highest demands.

Large and small series from a single source

But you don't have to choose between quality or price: Thanks to high-end automatic punching presses, we are able to offer you large series at low cost. At the same time, our wide range of different processing machines enables economic, flexible production of medium and small series.

Error-free through QM system

For quality assurance, all automatic punching presses are equipped with tool monitoring systems – in conjunction with the specifications of our company-wide QM system, this ensures error-free and reliable production.

On request, we supply complete parts with various after-treatments, such as vibratory grinding, washing, heat treatment, surface treatment, subsequent machining, spot welding or in assembled assemblies.

For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art deburring and cleaning systems with which we can meet current residual dirt requirements. If you also need a residual dirt analysis of our delivery: no problem. In cooperation with our partners, we provide you with a tailor-made residual dirt analysis.

Environmentally friendly technologies

Our cleaning technologies are also future-oriented and therefore rely on environmentally friendly technologies. The process water used in water-based cleaning is recycled by us, and our second cleaning technology is extremely efficient using modified alcohol.

Because we know what matters: in our production, in your product and in our responsibility to future generations.

High performance stamping machines from Bruderer and Haulick+Roos

  • Pressing force from 180 kN to 1600 kN
    (partly with servo drive)
  • Automatic spool winders
  • Vision system and strip welding machines

Automatic stamping presses from Kaiser

  • Pressing force from 120 kN to 1000 kN
  • Also suitable for smallest batches

Eccentric presses

  • Pressing force from 60 kN to 1600 kN